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Impact'Art: Express your search for meaning through art

Feat-Y magazine responds to a growing demand from young people: to actively engage in building a better world through creativity.

Impact'Art: Express your search for meaning through art

The project

Impact'Art is a call for artistic positive impact projects launched by Feat-Y magazine. It aims to encourage and support young people aged 20 to 35, whether they are already artists or not, in carrying out creative projects that respond to the quest for meaning and have a positive impact on society. By offering three grants of 1000 euros each, Impact'Art wishes to contribute to the development of innovative and inspiring projects that can be carried out with a limited budget.

Feat-Y magazine, specializing in culture, art and emerging trends, created this call for projects to meet a growing demand from its young audience: to actively engage in building a world best through creativity. Based on the values of sharing, inclusion and respect for the environment, Feat-Y wishes to give a voice and visibility to this generation in search of meaning and ready to meet the challenges of our time.

Impact'Art aims to create a dynamic and united community of artists, creators and project leaders who share common values and wish to use their talent to bring about positive change. By highlighting and supporting these initiatives, Feat-Y hopes to inspire other young people to follow this path and become actively involved in building a more just, sustainable and harmonious future.

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