Linen made in France: your eco-responsible project

The Hast brand invites you to imagine an eco-responsible trip to France, Belgium or the Netherlands on the coasts where European flax is produced.

Linen made in France: your eco-responsible project

The project

The global production of Lin comes from 80% from France & Belgium and the Netherlands. Linen is an eco-responsible fiber that consumes little water, and is widely exported abroad.

Young French fashion companies , Hast in mind, rehabilitate this noble material with multiple virtues, in a hybrid way by mixing responsible linen and cotton, to give back to the fashion industry committed values that fast fashion has undermined.

Purpose :

Imagine an eco-responsible trip passing through these regions (Normandy, the coasts of northern France, Belgium or the Netherlands). Share your best images of the bucolic landscapes far from the beaten tourist track.

If your project in progress on GlobeDreamers passes in these regions, do not hesitate to participate!

Important: propose to donate a% of your pot to a local association of your choice. Hast is donating € 500 to the most engaged and inspiring project!

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