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projects that matter

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GlobeDreamers is a collaboration platform for positive impact projects

Individuals, charities and companies work together for a common goal

Stakeholders with a strong social responsibility stance
Our users create authentic environmental, humanitarian or social projects
Partner with charities to increase your social impact

GlobeDreamers brings all stakeholders together and creates a win-win partnership for everyone

A partner for your responsible communication

Our solutions help strengthen your CSR strategy
We seek to promote your values through concrete and transparent actions
Get in touch
Interact with your communities and engage them in your daily missions

We create customized responsible communication solutions for you

Our tools are designed for companies who wish to promote their positive image
Our projects are customizable and are carried out by passionate ambassadors, who respect your values
Unique and high-quality communication supports (professional video reportages) to engage your personas, animate your networks and create media coverage

Ambassadors in your image

Create a community
Your communities will become your spokespeople tomorrow. Interacting with them is essential to involve them in your projects
Take action
Share your values with them and strengthen your CSR identity, make your social actions known through concrete real-world missions
In the field
Personalize your positive communication and interact with your ambassadors directly

GlobeDreamers packs

Define your project according to your vision, your values, your objectives and desired level of commitment. We offer several packs to meet all expectations: from sponsoring the existing committed projects to building customized contests together. Contact us for more information.



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Your corporate page

Access to the GlobeDreamers community

Follow your ambassadors and inspire your audiences

Affiliate your products / services on our marketplace

Internal / external call for projects for your company

Interacting with your ambassador (positive challenges)

Montage of articles, photos and videos created by your ambassadors

Professional GD reportage (capture + editing)

Project exclusivity

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