Journey of exchange and cultural sharing, through dance, to meet underprivileged children and adolescents of Cambodia.


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What are the objectives of your trip?

We are K.I.F Crew , a dance group based in Jassans-Riottier, a small village in the department of Ain. We have been supervising dance classes for several years, then alongside that, we organize an international Hip Hop dance festival once a year.

Our goal is to transmit our art and our passion to as many people as possible and allow many exchanges and sharing around dance, music and more widely culture.

What's your motivation?

This year our project is to travel to Cambodia to meet underprivileged children and adolescents with little or no access to culture .

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries on the planet in many ways (economically, education, infrastructure…) and children are particularly vulnerable. Although the civil war in Cambodia is long over, its legacy continues to haunt this beautiful country.

This is why we have decided to unite and create this project "Solidarity dance in Cambodia" in order to act by making as many people as possible aware of the importance of links people, communication and sharing of cultures.

Dance being a universal language, we want to transmit it to as many people as possible. The human body is the instrument that humans use to express themselves. It's all about artistic expression and the transmission of emotions that can be understood by each of us, without the use of speech being necessary. It also helps to relieve stress and anxiety but above all to get together and unite a group.

Our goal is also to transmit the two great cultural fields of dance: Art and sport.

By giving performances of our show and by leading initiation workshops, we hope to give these young people the desire to dance, to express themselves in another way but also to share a moment of emotion, joy and good humor.

For our part, this trip will allow us to learn about other cultures, to discover another audience, to discover cultural dances, to enrich our know-how but above all our interpersonal skills.

We can all gradually change the world through actions, no matter how small.

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We will make performances of our show and animate initiation to dance workshops in their establishments schools to help them discover our discipline and discuss our different cultures. In short, the same mission as in our small town but on a whole different scale.

How are you going to achieve them?

With the collaboration of Azahar Foundation , a NGO based in Cambodia, this project has become a reality.

Azahar Foundation

They will welcome us to their premises in Phnom Penh where they give yoga, martial arts and dance lessons.

Their slogan "convey a message of peace by providing access to culture for all, even the most deprived ".

With the leaders of the organization we prepared an itinerary with several schools to visit in the small townships around the capital.

Our intervention on the territory will take place from August 5 to 25 and will be punctuated by demonstrations , initiations to dance, distribution of school materials (Thank you Cultura), distribution of sports clothing (Thank you Décathlon) and of course visits and exchanges with the local population.

Travel itinerary:

§ 8-9 August : Primary school demonstration (Preak Bong Kong primary school, Kandal province)

§ August 10-13 : Visit North of Cambodia

§ August 14-16 : Demonstration and dance lessons in a primary school. (Community school)

§ August 17 : Dance class at the foundation's studio with disadvantaged young people

§ August 18 : Cultural sharing and solidarity meal with the foundation

§ 19-24 August : Visit South of Cambodia

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The budget for our trip includes flights and visas, our food on site as well as the accommodation and means of transport that we will use there. We also thought about deducting the days when we will intervene with the children since the foundation will take care of our meals and our accommodation on those days.

Estimated budget

For 3 weeks in the country, we therefore estimate our trip at 6838 €.

Once the plane has been deducted, our on-site costs should amount to € 2128 or 425 € / person, or around twenty euros per day.

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Who am I

Cradled by Hip Hop since I was little with the oldschool funk and rap CDs that my father listened to in the car, I only discovered dance at the end of college with friends who took breakdance lessons in a mjc . So I decided to register when I returned to high school.

Immediately passionate about the discipline, in 2013 I set up the K-Danse association in order to benefit from a room to train but the desire to transmit comes to me quickly so I give my first dance classes. Bac S in my pocket, I also integrated a License in Physics and Chemistry.

Aware that demonstrations play an important role in the development of the association, I decided to set up, in January 2014, a group of dance: KIF Crew. Little by little, the group is talking about itself and therefore about the association. Very taken by this new activity I finished my university course in L2. In November 2016 I started training as a sports coach (BP JEPS) in anticipation of the start of the 2017 school year in order to be able to supervise several fitness classes.

The association now has 150 members, 10 courses and two teachers. Besides that, I organize a Hip Hop dance festival with an international dimension, KHH, every year since 2015.

My hobbies

DANCE: Breakdance, HIP HOP: Rap / text writing, Beatbox, SPORT and music

What I am looking for through this trip

The goal of this trip is to pass on our art and our passion to as many people as possible and allow many exchanges and sharing around dance, music and more generally culture. Visit the world through the stage and soak up what I could find there.

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