Graphicexplorers: Design and communication at the service of animal shelters through eco-volunteering.


What are the objectives of your trip?

 Logo Graphicexplorers OBJECTIVES:

Go on an adventure? Yes, but not just anyhow. A cause drives us and our profession fascinates us. We are two designers and we go around the world doing eco-volunteering, our name: Graphicexplorers.

Aware today that traveling as a "simple" tourist entails not only a significant ecological impact, but also a very distant and sanitized vision of the rhythm of life and customs. We want to think outside the box and adopt another mode of travel . Discover the reality of daily life, but also, on the basis of eco-volunteering, bring our skills and our help to projects that fight for a cause dear to us: the protection of wildlife and wild flora.

Today more than ever wild flora and fauna need voices to alert people to the dangers that lie in wait for them.One in three species is threatened with extinction and one is extinct every 20 minutes worldwide. Multiple local actions and shelters are emerging around the world to protect them and inform local and international communities about the dangers. Unfortunately, not all of them have the means or the techniques to carry out their communications and fundraising operations. We want to provide these initiatives with the tools and techniques to enable them to communicate effectively, giving them the opportunity to spread the impact of their message thereby generating more revenue and attention to their cause.

What's your motivation?


We have always been very concerned with animal causes, which occupy a large place in our lives and our ecosystem. Not having the skills or the training to provide care or research around endangered species we want to offer our communication skills and help them.

In recent years, we have already had the opportunity to work in several centers, mainly in South Asia. Orphanages, animal shelters and ecotourism agencies make us realize that these organizations are in dire need of communication tools and techniques. We then started to offer our design services. In this way, we develop our skills while offering our expertise and services that are not very accessible or often too expensive for these organizations.

 Volunteering in a refuge for pangolins and small carnivores. Illustration for goodies and communication.

Volunteering in a refuge for pangolins and small carnivores.
Illustration for goodies and communication.

 Volunteering for an eco-tourism agency. Communication work.

Volunteering for an eco-tourism agency. Communication work.

How are you going to achieve them?


So this time we are leaving for South America on a traveling trip, helping an organization in each country working for animal protection . Our missions will consist in helping with the daily functioning by tasks which are incumbent on all the volunteers. Depending on the needs of the organization, we will have to work as a designer for a major part of our volunteering. We will help develop existing communication tools such as: website and social networks. But also we will create new content for goodies, flyers, advertising posters, signage ...

First stop, in the Galapagos Islands on Santa Cruz Island, to help Rancho Primacias, a sanctuary for century-old turtles.Our stay will be about 1 month, we want to develop the signage of the center, their visibility on the internet and make illustrations for the sale of goodies.
Afterwards, direction Peru to Moyobamba where we join the NGO Neotropical Primate conservation dedicated to the conservation of threatened primates and their habitat.We will spend 2 months working on their visual identity, their communication and we will help to open an online store to sell goodies. Our last mission will be in Bolivia in Samaipata, at the Jacha Inti refuge which takes care of several animal species whose individuals have been poached and are awaiting reintroduction into nature. Most of the time, they are too accustomed to the human presence and destined to spend the rest of their lives in this refuge. Here the mission will last 2 months and will mainly consist of helping with daily tasks and helping a little with our skills.

We are still looking for organizations that could accommodate us on the rest of our journey, and we may be considering changing continent to continue our journey , we will keep you informed?




The centers have no income except donations and volunteering, they have very few government grants. It is therefore difficult for them to welcome us for free and it is always necessary to pay a participation for our accommodation and our food in order to have a positive impact.

In order to be able to offer our skills to organizations we need substantial equipment, so we have at our disposal two laptops, a drone, a camera, a go pro, a stabilizer and the adobe suite. These tools will allow us to create quality content. We can also feed our travel site.

Details of expenses

  • Équateur
  • Province de Galápagos
  • Pérou
  • Bolivie

Who am I

Julie PRETOT is a designer specializing in graphics and print, having studied at Boulle and Estienne schools. She has skills in multiple areas such as product, packaging, advertising, space and POS design.

Anthonin SAUTET is a web and motion designer, having trained as a graphic designer and subsequently as a digital project manager. He has multiple skills in the web, digital, motion design, video editing, illustration and marketing.

My hobbies

Our common passions are travel, cinema, animals, graphics, history, art and adventure.We also love spending time with our friends and family.Friendliness and sharing above all!

On a more personal note, Anthonin loves video games, drawing, cooking, technology and the world of comics.
For my part , I am passioNNÉ by photography and I like to find new trends in my profession.But above all what I adores it 'is to go on a treasure hunt on flea markets and to find unusual objects.

What I am looking for through this trip

Through this journey, we seek to find meaning in our life. The way of life in France, work, metro, sleep does not suit us. Since we were very young, our parents have given us a taste for travel. In a relationship for 10 years, we live our love at the end of the world. More than the love of traveling, doing something that matters is important to us. This is how we have mixed our professions with travel and our passion for animals.

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