Go beyond the Arctic Circle and reach the North Cape by electric scooter. 5,000 km far beyond urban eco-mobility. Renewable energy film project


What are the objectives of your trip?

Pass the polar circle and reach the northern cape by electric scooter. Promote eco-mobility in a film and in a book.

Adventure film festivals abound. I know them well because I work in them as a filmmaker and an adventurer. To this day, I have never seen the slightest account of a long scooter trip. And extensive internet research seems to confirm that this will be a world first .

This project is not just a daring, resilient and original adventure; it also includes a movie and a book.

What's your motivation?

I travel in part to make great encounters . I do a lot by traveling alone and slowly. Nomadic or sedentary, solidarity is one of the values that guide my steps.

As a psychotherapist, I have devoted much of my life to fostering individual resilience. For the past ten years or so, I have focused on collective resilience . "Armenia, land of resilience" is my second feature film. More recently, I cycled from Auschwitz to Jerusalem. In Palestine, I made a film that deals with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

But beyond people with a traumatic past, I am very dedicated to resilience of humanity and ecosystems . This is the spirit in which I design all of my projects. "That makes it a trott! "is no exception to this ethical rule. The ecological footprint of the project will be extremely low.

The use of electrically assisted vehicles is growing and it is important for me to promote eco-mobility . Along the way I will investigate how in Germany and Scandinavia they deal with different sources of energy . The film will therefore not be just an adventure travel story, but also an educational work aimed at encouraging all initiatives aimed at sustainable development of the whole kingdom of life .

It is obvious that I combine the virtuous with the pleasure. I love to travel. I have traveled more than 50 countries, on foot, by hitchhiking, by bike.

And then this adventure will also be shared with primary school children, one class in each country crossed. I will intervene in the French class before and after the face-to-face trip. During the trip, the link will not be maintained by videoconference. For Swiss, German, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian classes, they will obviously be located on the route. Links will be forged upstream during the 2020/2021 school year. The classes will be linked to each other according to the terms that we will agree with the teachers. I will stop by each city concerned to discuss the following themes with the children:

- Dare to realize your dreams (book translated in 4 languages)

- Protect our environment

- The development of self and the world

How are you going to achieve them?

The scooter used for this trip is a e-twowMonster V comfort 36V / 14Ah.

This means of transport is very successful in town. Urban Eco-mobility is an important issue in the preservation of ecosystems. Beyond this virtuous fashion, going out of the cities, making long journeys, long trots ’may seem a little crazy project. But going on an adventure this way is quite realistic. A few tests over several days confirm this. You just have to organize yourself well, anticipate. With just one battery, you can easily cover a hundred kilometers in a day. It is enough to leave in the morning with the full then to recharge several times during the day. Electrical outlets dot every European route by the thousands. Experience shows that politely asking to turn on the trott ’meets no resistance from people and is a great way to bond . Of the 500 km traveled during the tests, no refusals were noted. So all you have to do is be patient, ready to chat with curious people in solidarity or have a good book to read during the recharge times.

To increase battery life, skate allows you to go from approximately 30 to 50 km on a full charge. 10 kicks on the right then 10 kicks on the left and so on, it's still a fairly sporting adventure . Having a second battery will obviously increase the range, and therefore the daily mileage traveled. With a reasonable average of 150 km per day, the 5000 km which separate Le Bourget-du-Lac from the North Cape could easily be covered in 1 month. But why hurry? It goes without saying that the average also varies according to a few parameters, including wind, weight, slope.

The film will be partly edited on site with Premiere Pro on a MacBook Pro (+ 2 external hard drives of 2TB each). The editing autonomy allows in particular to communicate live in an audiovisual way on social networks. The shooting equipment is:

- 1 Sony camcorder + tripod

- 1 Huawei P30 phone

- 1 DJI Mavik mini drone

In order not to be carried too much (10 hours a day), the backpack will be equipped with wheels and an aluminum device will connect it to the back of the trott '.

Significant upstream research work will make it possible to target interviews with interlocutors who will testify to the use of renewable energies in terms of mobility. Germany and the Scandinavian countries are at the forefront of these technologies. Depending on the timing of the itinerary, for example it seems realistic to me to meet Greta Thunberg if she lives in Sweden when I cross the country. We are already linked on Facebook.

The film will be a feature length documentary of approximately 50 minutes, format suitable for screenings / debates. It will be presented in specialized networks as well as in French-speaking festivals, but not only that, since there will also be a minimum an English version.

The book will be presented to specialist publishers. Otherwise, it will be published by "La part du colibri" editions

These two main media supports will be supplemented by regular communications on my Facebook page and my Youtube channel.

Facebook page: Hervé Magnin

Youtube channel: Hervé Magnin < / a>


Being a partner in this project means:

- Participating in a world premiere;

- Associating your name, its brand with an image of innovation, surpassing oneself, spirit of adventure;

- Convey humanistic and ecological values;

- Promote eco-mobility and sustainable development;

- Give life to travelers to try adventure with your equipment;

- Demonstrate the high performance of your equipment in extreme conditions;

- Have your logo on operating media (posters, film credits, publications, book, screenings, conferences, debates ...)

- Be associated with media coverage of the project (press article, television, social media)

Facebook page: Hervé Magnin < / a>

Youtube channel: Hervé Magnin

< p>Being a partner also means of course supporting the project financially, through donations or in kind according to your wishes and resources. Here is the cost breakdown:



E-twow scooter

Monster V 36V / 14Ah:


Additional battery





Sony camcorder



Huawei P30 phone






Sony microphones



DJI Mavik mini drone



Editing and postproduction


Computer science



MacBook Pro computer



External hard drives (TB)






Food: 15 € / day



Accommodation: homestay as much as possible. Hospitality when needed


Return by public transport


Portage and sleeping


Welcome to the adventure!

  • Alta

Who am I

Born June 6, 1963 in Montreuil
Adventurer (more than 50 countries traveled by bike and hitchhiking since 1985)
Filmmaker (6 feature-length documentaries)
Writer (about twenty books)
Musician (singer-songwriter - 2 albums produced)
Psychotherapist (for 25 years)
Trainer / consultant, lecturer (from 1995 to 2010)

My hobbies

Resilience, surpassing oneself. The sustainable development of oneself and the world. Creativity. Playfulness. Take on challenges. Language, languages. Cooperation, fair play. Knowledge of oneself and of the world. The road, the path, the path. Invent, innovate. Pushing back the frontiers of the known. Freedom, equity, fraternity.

What I am looking for through this trip

Once again, for me the stake is twofold. There is an original and daring adventure, with its share of sporting challenges and beautiful human encounters. And then there is the sharing of values through an ambitious artistic project: through film and book, convey a message that empowers us with regard to environmental and social issues. It seems quite realistic to me to reach a few tens of thousands of people during screenings / debates at travel festivals.

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