Travel the world, make locals and tourists aware of the importance of protecting the environment as well as identifying the good ideas encountered.


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What are the objectives of your trip?

Our trip will focus on three main objectives:

ð Raise awareness among locals and tourists to the importance of environmental protection.

ð List all the good ideas aimed at protecting the environment that we will find on our way.

ð We will also share our tips for traveling with the lowest possible environmental impact.

The detailed itinerary of our trip is presented HERE !

What's your motivation?

We have always loved traveling, whether for study or for fun. We have already visited several countries, but we realized that the planet was going badly following discoveries which are scary like mountains of garbage in the streets in Ivory Coast or even carrion in the middle of classified sites. UNESCO heritage in Tunisia.

This is why we decided to unite and create this project in order to act on our scale by making as many people as possible aware of the importance of our land. / p>

Indeed, the countries in which we are going to go are for the most part developing. This is why their primary objective is not necessarily the environment. But it is still important that they understand that protecting nature contributes to their growth. It is therefore essential to start raising awareness now.

How are you going to achieve them?

Mélanie, who has an engineering degree in chemistry and the environment, will provide a better understanding of the mechanisms put in place locally to protect the environment. And so we can discuss our various findings and suggest a possible improvement. Our goal is not to impose a change but to raise awareness by exchanging with the people we meet.

We are going to organize clean-up events and get closer to local associations working to protect nature, in order to exchange our ideas. We contacted the association MyGreenTrip and we will become their ambassadors in order to be able to organize our events thanks to their contacts around the world.

We will also be setting up environmental awareness workshops, especially in schools. We will also be in contact with the association Conscience et Impact Ecologique concerning this project which will allow us to have communication tools.

Thanks to Myriam's skills, we will be very active on social networks: Facebook ( ) , Instagram ( ) , Website - The Green Trotters . We will be able to share all our tips and discoveries!

Indeed, we have multimedia equipment (Go Pro 7, specialized software, etc.) in order to create content from quality.


On-site expenses include accommodation, food and transportation within the country. It is this part of the budget that is the highest, and that is why we are calling on you!

Regarding international transport, we will try to take the plane as a minimum. All means are permitted: hitchhiking, bus, train and why not hitchhiking!

  • Slovaquie
  • Pologne
  • Lituanie
  • Lettonie
  • Estonie
  • Russie
  • Mongolie
  • Chine
  • Vietnam
  • Laos
  • Cambodge
  • Thaïlande
  • Australie
  • Nouvelle-Zélande
  • Chili
  • Bolivie
  • Pérou
  • Équateur
  • États-Unis
  • Canada

Who am I

We are two 25-year-old girls who love to travel and discover the world. Mélanie has recently obtained her engineering degree in chemistry and environment, while Myriam returns from England after an au pair experience. Having grown up in the countryside, we are very close to nature and we seek to preserve its beauty at all costs. We also like to meet people around the corner.

My hobbies


  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Mountain
  • Music
  • Reading
  • Discovery


tour-du-monde -ecoresponsable-instruct-et-learn-546.jpg

  • Travel
  • Sports
  • Photography
  • Video
  • Animals
  • Reading
  • Discovery

What I am looking for through this trip

We want to meet new cultures, but also to discover their solutions to face climate change and insalubrity: waste management, water purification, wastewater disposal and treatment, etc.

This will allow us to share and try to improve these solutions, whether during our trip or when we return to Europe.

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