A world tour through threatened islands for the benefit of climate refugees. Four years on the sailboat to raise awareness in the international community and start taking action.


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What are the objectives of your trip?

First, the objective is to sensitize the international community in order to create a climate refugee status (currently refused by the UN) and organize the governance of migration (between 250 million and 1 billion people between 2030 and the end of the century). It is also to show the ecosystems that will disappear from a literary, artistic and humanist point of view in order to create a movement of planetary solidarity.

Next, I want to complete the round-the-world sailing tour, which is and remains a challenge. L his trip will be experimental by trying to reduce the negative impacts as much as possible (zero waste, wind and solar energy, respect for the environment).

Photo credit: Etienne Mérel

Finally, the project is educational. It invites everyone to ask the question of climatic uprooting, to be united and, in a immediate action, to organize oneself to be in carbon balance, fight against global warming and reduce its waste.

What's your motivation?

I have two reasons for carrying out this project:

The first reason is to participate in awareness, then in action, concerning the problem of climate refugees. This will undoubtedly be the most complex problem that our civilization will have to deal with between now and then. end of the century, and this as of now, with a peak of acceleration in 2030. Focusing on the consequences and not on the causes seems to me to be more creative, more involving, more educational. Change behavior through empathy, more than through threat and fear, that's the angle of the project.

Photo credit: Laurent Weyl - Collectif Argos

The second is that it's a lifelong dream to sail around the world. The culmination of a lifetime of sailing, the holy grail of every sailor. islands and life at sea. Visiting the world by sailboat is a privilege and an intense source of happiness and emotion.

Photo credit: Etienne Mérel

" I want to take in adventure as many people as possible, first on earth, as spectators and relays, on the sea then, to share and co-create images, reports, solutions, in order to cause the domino effect.

I carry this project around the world since my childhood. But this one transformed, from a contemplative will towards a stronger cause.

I think it's a chance to be able share a sailing round the world. It is a unique, inspiring adventure, universal. This gives special attention, that of the heart, which opens reason more than any key.

Taking to the sea is a bit like taking the word, take by the hand. "

François Prévost

Photo credit: Etienne Mérel

How are you going to achieve them?

I will shoot a series of 4 times 6 52-minute reports over four years on the visited islands and their populations (with the help of a Producer). These reports will be broadcast by a partner media and relayed around the world (producer research in progress). They will create empathy and revisit the notion of climate refugee, far from ambient fears.

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Photo credit: Laurent Weyl - Collectif Argos

The project aims to take "in its suitcases "of partners of" extension "of endangered sites (solutions wind power, solar power, fresh water production, consolidation).

ü The medium : Operation Adopt an Island! ": 52 states threatened islanders for adoption.

ü < b>The principle : one island - one city, plus skills and poles of action (a school of commerce / communication + an engineering school + a high school / college + a media local + an association)

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Photo credit: Laurent Weyl - Collectif Argos

ð Each match will result in an inventory of material priorities and a collective effort to bring together this material and send it (wind turbine, solar panels, desalinator, pump water, filtration, satellite dish, etc.

ð Each Mayor will coordinate the urgency of displacement of populations with the island head of state and will attempt to find a destination territory (procedures, negotiation, presentation to the international community, logistics, preparations), with the help of stakeholders local, Nansen initiative and the UN.

ð Exchanges by videoconference in public, sending letters / parcels, inviting islanders to the city (if possible) will be organized by the twinning committees.

ð A list of actions and of the city's commitments to the environment and the climate will be put in place locally for educational purposes.

ð A twinning of skills / experts / sponsors will complete the twinning, island by island upstream of project and during the trip (Companies, economic actors, foundations).

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Operation for 4 years, plus 18 months of preparation, table on a budget of 650,000 euros. The distribution of this budget is next:

Ø 26% for the preparation of the sailboat (new masts, new sails, desalinator, solar panels, wind turbine, engine overhaul, fittings, electronics, etc.)

Ø 17% for communication (PR agency, fundraising, community management, website, etc. video production)

Ø 40% charges salaries of the team (Two professional sailors paid for 4 years, me and another sailor)

Ø 9% charge of navigation (taxes, shipping costs, transit log, visitation rights, visas, etc.)

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At least 25,000 euros will be collected via the platform GlobeDreamers.

  • Province de Galápagos
  • Îles Marquises
  • Îles Tuamotu-Gambier
  • Kiribati
  • Guna Yala
  • Tuvalu
  • Nouvelle-Calédonie
  • Nouvelle-Zélande
  • Australie-Méridionale
  • Îles Cook
  • Îles Salomon
  • Îles Marshall
  • Vanuatu
  • Maurice
  • Cap-Vert
  • Anguilla
  • Belize
  • Aruba
  • Maldives
  • Cuba
  • Montserrat
  • Nauru
  • Timor-Leste
  • République dominicaine
  • Barbade
  • Grenade
  • Costa Rica
  • Wallis et Futuna
  • Îles Canaries
  • Christmas Island
  • Îles Cocos (Keeling)
  • Territoire britannique de l'océan Indien
  • Seychelles
  • Zanzibar
  • Mayotte
  • Comores
  • Durban
  • Le Cap
  • Île de l'Ascension
  • Jamestown
  • Samoa américaines
  • Gibraltar

Who am I

I am 54 years old. I am the father of two great children aged 20 and 22. I have a cat, Tchoupi, who sails with me and follows me everywhere. I am a business school (EM Lyon, Babson College), literary and artistic training. I am said to be creative, enthusiastic, visionary, organized and very active teacher. Humor is not the least of my qualities.

Photo credit: Etienne Mérel

I am lulled by the readings of sea adventures (Moitessier, Le Toumelin, Henry de Monfreid, Tabarly, Slocum, Antoine), travel (Nicolas Bouvier) and the novels of Jules Verne . After having worked for 10 years in a large group as a salesperson, product manager, marketing director, then 20 years creating several consulting and leisure companies (7 in all) in the service of innovation and personal development, I change of profession by becoming a professional skipper. I have been sailing for 40 years and more particularly for 13 years in the Mediterranean (Greek Islands, Turkish coast, Corsica and the south of France).

I have 30,000 miles under my belt and many more in front of the bow . It was time for me to make a living from my passion for the sea 100%.

Lovers of islands, the sea and sailing, I like to sail and share these moments. But I am also a responsible innovation consultant, working to invent a better world, life coach for adolescents, mentor for start-ups and managers. All these skills will be at the service of the project and the partners who will support me.

I need to get involved in actions with values and meaning.

My hobbies

Sailing, traveling, tennis, photography , the cooking, cinema, literature (reading and writing), crafts, youth guidance.

What I am looking for through this trip

I'm looking to fulfill a childhood dream that is to shop around of the sailing world.

But I also want this around the world make sense and that it be united, hence my commitment to sensitize the community international conference on climate refugees.

I would like this trip to be used to create refugee status climate and that it provokes international governance of the climatic migrations (between 250 million and 1 billion people by the end of this century. Without doubt the most complex issue that we have to manage).

Raise awareness through an ethical, aesthetic and united approach, without accusatory or moralizing gaze, that is my goal.

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