How about discovering Finland through garbage? What if you could adopt some Finnish eco-responsible reflexes? In addition to Santa Claus, this mysterious country still contains a lot of ancestral knowledge that we have lost in France. Get on board with Justine and come and learn about the environment and waste.


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What are the objectives of your trip?

ZERO MOVEMENTS, what are they?

3 years ago, I developed the initiative" Les Mouvements Zéro "with the desire to educate to waste and transition as well as to share and generalize eco-responsible practices and behaviors. Everything I learn, I share: conferences, practical workshops, radio shows, website, blog and local association commitments.

My goals in Finland

Learn and understand Finnish culture and sensitivity to nature while making French speakers aware of eco-responsible actions that can be implemented in their life in order to reduce our negative impact on it! This will be made possible along two lines:
o Improve my expertise in environmental protection (impact of plastic), recycling and the circular economy
o Acquire traditional know-how: knitting, wood, language, food autonomy (market gardening, canning)
It is by living on a farm in virtual autonomy, by meeting digital influencers on zero waste and innovative local companies, that I will be able to better understand waste and the scope of our individual (ecological reflexes) and collective actions in their prevention and management.

What's your motivation?

How did I get the idea for this project?

I have already lived in Finland (Erasmus) and I could see that the population had environmental practices and a very different relationship to nature from me, French. At the time this attitude influenced me to think about my environmental impact in terms of waste consumption. Today, I want to imbibe the values and strong commitments of this country in terms of quality of life and waste prevention / management in the long term.
Finland is the good student in Europe and one of the pioneers in terms of recycling. Although there are supermarkets on site, it is more common than in France to meet farms that live in virtual autonomy (conservation technique such as drying, preserving or freezing) since nothing will grow in the soil. from mid-October to early May.
This new project has a European, environmental and civic dimension, always with a spirit of sharing knowledge. I am on a quest to discover and appropriate this artisanal knowledge which for me constitutes a first step towards autonomy and waste reduction.

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Several ways to follow the adventure!

LMZ remains 1 radio show broadcast on Radio Campus Orléans 88.3 FM on Saturdays at 1 p.m. The podcast is available on iTunes / on https: //www.mixcloud. com / justinedit / as well as on the website
For the rest, the site and the blog will retrace the adventure faithfully. Social networks will allow you to access live and instant information:

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For the good conduct of the project, the total budget is estimated at 6,500 € divided into three main categories.
* Phone (plan abroad, selfie stick, SD card, USB external battery, USB cable) / ** Radio (microphone, recorder, SD card, editing computer, editing software, headphones) / *** Backup ( external hard drive)

Funding forecast

I have a large share of self-financing (food and housing, insurance, administrative) , I call on sponsors (budget for work equipment and communication, guarantee and Globe Dreamer costs), for the rest (unforeseen events, transport) I call on the C community rowdfunders: hope you like the rewards;)

  • Helsinki, Finlande
  • Varpaisjärvi, Finlande
  • Oulu, Finlande
  • Ylivieska, Finlande
  • Tampere, Finlande
  • Turku, Finlande
  • Espoo, Finlande

Who am I

My name is Justine and I am 29 years old. Like many people my age, I was born with supermarkets, water in plastic bottles, canned food, breaded fish, and frozen ham and cheese pancakes.

I love archeology, linguistics, radio, and being on stage. I recently developed a passion for waste as traces, residues and reflections of our civilization (the basis of archeology!).

By combining all this, I therefore created my profession: I am a consultant and lecturer in zero waste and I train people to understand waste, its production, consumption and recycling and to adopt eco-responsible behaviors in their lives. in order to act in the direction of the protection of the environment (at least of our humanity!).

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