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General Conditions of Use

Terms and version in force

The purpose of these General Conditions of Use ( CGU ) is to define the conditions under which Users can access the Services of the GLOBEDREAMERS website, accessible at the URL address www.globedreamers. com (the Website) .

You are deemed to know, understand and accept these conditions of use which constitute the Law of the parties prior to any use of our Site. If you conclude this contract in the name and on behalf of a specific company or legal entity, you declare that you are empowered to bind this entity.

If you do not have this authorization or if you do not agree with our general conditions, you must not accept this contract and you cannot use the services.

These Conditions are subject to change on our initiative. In this case the modified Conditions will then be applicable and will replace these present on the day they are posted.


"Website" : GLOBEDREAMERS is a website which aims to bring together a large community of internet users around the theme of travel. Through its "GLOBESTARTER" service, the Website offers a crowdfunding platform entirely dedicated to the financing of travel projects with the provision of content and information around the theme of travel.

Visitors can donate by becoming a Member.

The payment of funds will be spread over the duration of the trip and will be subject to compliance with the obligations arising from sponsorship.

Around GlobeStarter, accessory services will be launched, mainly intended to highlight the content of travelers and the brands supporting projects, and to inspire other travelers.

"Users" or "Members" : these are site visitors who have become Members of the community composed of:

"Travel Project" : this is a page created by a User (Project Holder) describing a personal project and that the Member undertakes to carry out in the event that he would obtain the requested funding. A travel plan consists of a description, a photo, an amount sought, start and end dates, as well as content added before or during the fundraising campaign. Once published, a travel plan is no longer editable. The number of Travel Plans per User is limited to one.

"Contributions" : funds collected from Users to finance a Travel Project via donations or through a sponsorship contract.

"Content" : text or multimedia content published on the GlobeDreamers site by a User.

"Services" : the GLOBEDREAMERS website provides the following services:


2.1. The use of the Site Services requires the opening of an account involving the provision of a username and the choice of a password.

The password is personal and confidential. The User is solely responsible for it. He undertakes not to disclose it to third parties and to take all the necessary precautions to prevent third parties from having access to it.

GLOBEDREAMERS encourages the User to choose a password made up of a combination of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters, as well as to change their password regularly and more particularly, as soon as possible, when a password is received by email.

The User undertakes to notify GLOBEDREAMERS without delay in the event of the loss or theft of his password. Otherwise, and unless proven otherwise, any connection using the password will be deemed to come from the User concerned and will be under his exclusive responsibility. To be taken into account, complaints must be sent to the following email address:

2.2. The User cannot join if he is not over 18 years of age on the date of his registration. In the event that the User is a minor, it is recalled that holders of parental authority are responsible for compliance with these General Terms and Conditions of Use by the User. They are legally obliged to ensure the use made by their children of this site provided.

2.3. To validate their registration, the User must fill in all of the compulsory fields on the registration form accurately. Otherwise, the opening of the account will not be possible.

Only one account per User is authorized and any attempt at fraud may result in the closure of the account.

Registration is only validated once the User has clicked on the validation link sent to the email address entered at the time of registration. The email can arrive in spam, depending on the settings of the visitor's mailbox.

2.4. The User has a personal space after registering on the Site from which he can notably edit his profile, create a Travel Project, follow the Travel Projects of other Members , make Contributions.

2.5. The User expressly acknowledges that GLOBEDREAMERS has the right to terminate ipso jure, without prior notice, without notice or indemnity or justification, all or part of the functionality provided to Users or to a particular Member. GLOBEDREAMERS notably reserves the right to block or delete an account in the event of a breach of these general conditions of use (CGU).



GLOBEDREAMERS provides Users with a hosting and content personalization service.

Concerning the Project Holder, he has the possibility of publishing under his full and entire responsibility a page allowing him to present to the visitors of the site and to the other Users his Travel Project and all information relating to this universe, in addition to 'items on current or past trips. The Traveler Member may in particular, without this list being exhaustive, add Content and news (which will be relayed to Members subscribed to the Travel Project).

Regarding the Sponsor Member, he can create a Sponsor Page allowing him to present his brand and the projects he supports to other Users.

All Members can leave comments on the activities of other Members.

All content published or communicated for public or private use is the sole responsibility of the User. GLOBEDREAMERS is not able to monitor or control all of the Content related to its Services and cannot be held liable for this content.


GLOBEDREAMERS may be required to share content in order to orient and inspire Users.

For example, WebReality allows you to stay informed about the journeys of certain travelers chosen by GLOBEDREAMERS (in particular contest winners). GLOBEDREAMERS is not responsible for shared content. Visitors and Users should be aware that shared content may be inaccurate.

Likewise for certain written content that guides travelers in determining their budget, choosing providers or organizing a fundraising campaign.

Presentation and realization of Travel Projects

As part of the Services offered on the Site, Travelers publish on the Site a presentation detailing the nature, objectives, main characteristics and progress of the Travel Project that they intend to carry out with the support of other Members in accordance hereby.

Projects must comply with the GLOBEDREAMERS Values ​​Charter and are therefore subject to prior validation by GlobeDreamers, within a maximum of 7 working days.

Failure to reply means refusal to validate the project.

In addition, a second a posteriori check may result in modifications or deletions if the Company considers the Contents or the Travel Plan as not meeting the GLOBEDREAMERS Charter of values ​​.

Once the project has been published, it cannot be changed in substance, except for the addition of new Content. Any modification must be the subject of a specific request to GLOBEDREAMERS, which it can accept or refuse, without reason, within fifteen (15) days. Without response within this period, the request is deemed refused.

The Traveler is fully responsible for the presentation of the Travel Project published on the Site and must ensure in particular that this presentation cannot mislead Visitors.

The Company is not responsible for the actions of Project Developers, who remain solely responsible for the terms which bind them with Donors and Sponsors.

Regarding sponsorship, the Traveler declares and accepts with conscience that this is a real contract signed with the latter involving obligations to promote and promote a brand.

The remittance of funds being spread over the duration of the Travel, if the traveler does not fulfill the obligations incumbent on him under the sponsorship contract for a continuous period of twenty-one (21) days or more, the Sponsor may ask GLOBEDREAMERS to block payments. If applicable, the contribution will be withdrawn from the Travel Project Holder's kitty, only for the part not paid, it being understood that payments of sponsor contributions begin after the total payment of donor contributions.

To obtain the cessation of payments and the reimbursement of his contribution, the Sponsor must make the request to GLOBEDREAMERS who undertakes to respond within fifteen (15) days and may decide one way or the other in justifying his decision.

GLOBEDREAMERS will always favor an amicable agreement between the Traveler and the Sponsor. If the payments are stopped, the Sponsor does not recover the money but can reallocate the amount returned to the Travel Project of his choice.

Travelers are solely responsible for the collection of funds made through the intermediation of the Site and any commitments made with regard to Members. Consequently, any risk involved in the progress of a Project, as well as any postponements and cancellations, are fully assumed by the Traveler.

And, apart from the internal procedure of the Company, the Sponsor may use any legal means to obtain reimbursement of the payments which he has already made in the event of the traveller's failure to fulfill his obligations under the sponsorship contract.

In the event of cancellation of a Travel Project for which the fundraising objective has been achieved, the Traveler must organize the reimbursement under his sole responsibility.

Collecting Donations

Travelers are entirely free to set the amount of their funding need and the allocation of funds collected on our site. Once their objective has been reached (from 75% of the total amount requested, on the day of departure), the Traveler receives the funds for the duration of the trip according to a monthly schedule, the first payment of which can reach 25% of the total amount requested. This schedule is available in the personal space of the traveler and the amounts indicated do not take into account the deduction of the 8% commission, which will be deducted from each payment, including the first.

The first payment is made ten (10) days before the end of the collection (the departure date) only if the target of 75% is already reached.

In the event of a partially achieved goal of less than 75% of the total amount requested and displayed, the project is considered canceled and is deleted.

However, in the event of a partially achieved objective of less than 75% of the total amount requested and displayed, the traveling Member may request to extend the duration of fundraising necessary up to a maximum of 6 months (he then requests it by email at least 7 days to the GlobeDreamers team before the end of its collection and justifies its decision; GlobeDreamers can accept or refuse this request in a discretionary manner (it being understood that it will consult with the sponsors and main donors). This request can be made near the end of the collection date, even if this date already results from an extension of the collection.

At the end of the collection, in the event of a partially achieved objective of less than 75% of the total amount requested and displayed, it may be mutually agreed with the Members to release the funds for the trip. In this case, the Project Holder must make the request within two (2) days following the date of the end of the collection. Within thirty (30) days, all sponsors and donors are contacted by GlobeDreamers by email to choose if they wish:

  • for donors, recover the funds or pay them to the Project Developer (in the absence of a response within 10 days of sending the email, the donor is deemed to want to recover the funds)
  • for Sponsors, maintain the sponsorship contract or allocate funds to another Travel Project for a new sponsorship contract (if not answered within 10 days of sending the email, the sponsor is deemed to want to allocate funds to another Travel Project for a new contract).

It is specified that the financial support provided by Donors and Sponsors through our site cannot be interpreted as constituting any contractual link with GLOBEDREAMERS.

Consequently, the Donors and Sponsors will in no case be able to seek the contractual liability of the Company in the event of default by the Project Developer in its obligations.

Donation Rules

Payment of funds by donors and sponsors will be made by bank card or any other means of payment already offered on the Site or which will be integrated into the service in the future. GLOBEDREAMERS uses MangoPay services for payments and transfer of funds.

The MangoPay T & Cs are available at the following link:

Invoicing a commission for service charges

For Project Beneficiaries receiving funds, the costs of the Services provided by GLOBEDREAMERS are subject to a commission calculated as a percentage of the amount of funds collected through the intermediation of the Site. The applicable percentage is eight percent (8%) inclusive of tax, which includes both the GLOBEDREAMERS commission and the bank transaction fees.

The Company does not receive any commission from Donors or Sponsors on the funds collected, which remains the exclusive responsibility of the Beneficiary of the Travel Project Holder.

However, the commission is the responsibility of the Donors or Sponsors in case of reimbursement of funds (cancellation of project for example), so that the reimbursement will be made after deduction of the GLOBEDREAMERS commission.

The commission is automatically deducted when the funds are deposited into the beneficiary Traveler's bank account. This payment of funds is made within 10 working days once the fundraising objective is reached by validation of GLOBEDREAMERS. The Traveler will receive the corresponding invoice, if requested by email (, within ten (10) working days.

Justification for remitting funds

Project Owners are responsible for establishing and transmitting directly to Donors and Sponsors any tax receipts attesting to the remittance of funds through the intermediation of the Site. It is up to each Donor and Sponsor to verify their eligibility to benefit from tax deductions on all or part of the contributions made through the intermediation of the Site, in accordance with the provisions of French law in force.

Any complaint relating to the production of said tax receipts and to the information contained therein must be addressed directly by the Donor or Sponsor to the Traveler.

Project Developers and Sponsors are aware that in the sponsorship contract which results from the intermediation offered by GlobeDreamers must not be a service or represent an employment contract. In particular, if the consideration received represented a service, it could be subject to VAT and require the issue of an invoice from the Traveler (and therefore the creation of a specific statute). All these considerations are the exclusive responsibility of the Project Holder and the Sponsor and GlobeDreamers cannot be held responsible for any possible reclassification of the sponsorship contract.

GlobeDreamers is not responsible for the consideration offered and realized. Sponsors and Project Developers undertake that these are legal and respectful of moral standards, and Users are aware that GlobeDreamers cannot undertake to verify them all.


4.1. It is understood that during the transmission of the Elements, Contents and Information by the Users, the latter concede concomitantly to GLOBEDREAMERS a license to use and disclose the related copyrights, non-exclusive, free, for the whole world, and for the duration fixed in article L 123-1 of the Code of intellectual property.

This license including the right to sublicense, use, copy, reproduce, process, adopt, modify, publish, publish, transmit, display and distribute this content on all media by any known or known distribution method.

Users are therefore fully informed that GLOBEDREAMERS accesses the Content, Elements and Information collected by them to process, compile and put them online.

The User acknowledges having been informed of this and accepts that the Content, Elements and Information are published, archived and classified by GLOBEDREAMERS in order to constitute a database, available in particular to Sponsors or other GLOBEDREAMERS customers who would like to have access to it, notably in the form of user licenses.

4.2. The User declares that the Elements and Information do not infringe the rights of third parties and are not the subject of any claim. The User guarantees GLOBEDREAMERS against any claim of any kind whatsoever that could arise under the ownership of the rights transferred, whether under intellectual property rights, as well as under image rights or under unfair competition or commercial parasitism and undertakes to reimburse GLOBEDREAMERS for all sums to which it would be condemned in this respect.

4.3. The User also acknowledges that he has been informed that GLOBEDREAMERS may transmit said data at the request of an authorized administrative or judicial authority.

4.4. The Traveler also grants GLOBEDREAMERS (i) the right to use, as part of its communication and promotion of the Site, the name of the Project Developer whose Projects appear on the Site as well as the name and characteristics of the Project, for the duration of this document.

In addition, the Project Developer expressly accepts that the content and information provided can be used on the Site with the presence of the brands or logos of partner advertisers and sponsors.


5.1. Members agree not to use the Site for, in particular:

5.1. Members agree not to use the Site for, in particular:

5.2. In the cases referred to above, and more generally, in the event of abnormal use of the Site or illicit, fraudulent or indecent exploitation, the User is alone responsible for damage caused to third parties and for the consequences of claims or actions that may arise from it

Hereby, the User also renounces to exercise any recourse in warranty and recourse action against GLOBEDREAMERS, in the case of legal proceedings instituted by a third party against him because of the use and / or illegal, fraudulent use of the Site and / or the content.

5.3. It is up to each Member to take all appropriate measures to protect their own data and / or software stored on their mobile or computer equipment against any attack of any kind.

5.4. It is the responsibility of the Members to adopt the most relevant legal status, and, if necessary, to make the administrative and tax declarations which are binding on them with regard to Applicable Legislation.

5.5. The User declares and acknowledges that he is aware that all information, data, texts, software, music, sounds, photographs, images, videos, messages or any other Content or any other material , whether made known to the public or transmitted privately, are the sole responsibility of the person who posted the Content.


GLOBEDREAMERS makes its best efforts to ensure the proper functioning of the Site and the services appearing therein, within the limits of responsibility of these general conditions.

6.1. GLOBEDREAMERS declines any responsibility in the following cases, without this list being exhaustive:

6.2. Despite the greatest care taken in creating and updating this Site, GLOBEDREAMERS cannot provide any express or tacit guarantee regarding the information contained on the Site. Consequently, GLOBEDREAMERS cannot be held responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, resulting from any errors, inaccuracies or omissions of the information contained in the Site.

6.3. GLOBEDREAMERS cannot be held responsible, or considered to have failed in these general conditions of use, for any delay or non-performance, when the cause of the delay or non-performance is linked to a case of Force Majeure.

6.4. GLOBEDREAMERS reserves the right to modify the terms, conditions and notices herein at any time, in particular in the event of technical, legal or jurisprudential developments or when setting up new services. The User is therefore advised to regularly consult the latest version in force of these conditions.

6.5. The Site is available wherever it is, as soon as the minimum technical conditions are met, and in particular in terms of access to the mobile telephone network, Internet network and technical compatibility of the equipment used. GLOBEDREAMERS can never be held responsible for the inaccessibility of the Site or the Application for technical reasons. The service offer described is likely to change at any time on the initiative of GLOBEDREAMERS, and without prior information: modification of functionality, new services or deletion of services, ergonomics.

6.6. Finally, you are informed that the use of our Services takes place via the Internet and via our hosting provider, therefore, you are warned of the technical hazards that may affect our service and lead to delays or unavailability making use difficult or even temporarily impossible. GLOBEDREAMERS cannot be held responsible for difficulties accessing the Services due to the disruption of the internal network of our Users due to failures or delays by Internet access providers or external service providers in charge of our platform, although we provide watchful attention and carry out continuous performance monitoring.

If GLOBEDREAMERS detects a security breach likely to seriously compromise the security of the Services and data, there will be a temporary interruption of the Site without notice in order to remedy the security breach as soon as possible.

6.7. GLOBEDREAMERS does not guarantee the truthfulness, probity or honesty of the Contents of the Traveler Pages, Sponsor Pages or Travel Projects, and cannot be held responsible for false statements made by a User.

GLOBEDREAMERS reserves the right to control a posteriori, possibly to modify or reject any content that does not comply with the values ​​embodied in our Charter.


GLOBEDREAMERS asks any user to communicate a certain amount of personal information (civil status or company name, email address, telephone number, ...) in order to be able to identify it or simply to guarantee the uniqueness of his personal access.

In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 amended in 2004 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, the personal data collected is subject to automated processing of personal data personnel who led to a prior declaration to the National Commission for Data Protection (CNIL) under the number: QcJ1986822.

L’utilisateur dispose à tout moment d'un droit d’opposition, d'accès et de rectification des données qui le concernent. Pour cela, il lui suffit d’adresser sa demande par email à :

In accordance with article 6, 5 ° of Law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 amended in 2004, personal data are only stored in a form allowing identification for a period which does not not exceed the duration necessary for the purposes for which they are collected and processed.

In accordance with the aforementioned Law, in the forms for the collection of personal data, the User is informed in particular: of the identity of the data controller, of his rights on the personal data, of the recipients, the purpose of the processing and the mandatory or optional nature of its responses.


The Visitor is informed that he can oppose their implementation by following the procedure indicated on his browser. However, use of the Site could in this case prove to be altered, or even impossible.


The company GLOBEDREAMERS cannot be held responsible, or considered as having failed in these conditions, for any delay or non-performance, when the cause of the delay or non-performance is linked to a case of force majeure defined in new article 1218 of the Civil Code.


In the event of a specific request, Users can contact the company GLOBEDREAMERS via the "contact" tab or at Users nevertheless agree not to abuse this functionality, and the company GLOBEDREAMERS will make its best efforts to respond as soon as possible.

Any complaint and / or dispute by the User against GLOBEDREAMERS must be formulated in writing and transmitted to GLOBEDREAMERS at the latest 15 (Fifteen) days from their operative event, under penalty of foreclosure.


The presentation and content of the Website constitute, together, a work protected by the laws in force on intellectual property, of which GLOBEDREAMERS is the holder. Any reproduction, in whole or in part, is systematically subject to the authorization of GLOBEDREAMERS.

11.1. The texts, images, drawings and the graphic charter of the Site are protected by intellectual property law. It is prohibited to copy, extract, distribute or modify the content of the Site for commercial purposes. Downloading and printing of text, images and graphic elements is authorized for private, non-commercial use only. The reproduction of drawings, images, sound documents, video sequences and texts in other electronic or printed publications requires the prior written consent of GLOBEDREAMERS. Failure to authorize is sanctioned by the offense of counterfeiting.

11.2. The brands and logos appearing on the Site and the Application are registered and protected trademarks. Any total or partial reproduction of the brands and / or logos present on the Site made from elements of the Site without the express authorization of GLOBEDREAMERS constitutes infringement punishable by articles L.713-2 and following of the Intellectual Property Code .


The services are provided for an indefinite period. In the event of the User's breach of these general conditions of use, GLOBEDREAMERS may immediately terminate all or part of the services provided, by closing their account.

The User can also notify at any time that he wishes to end the contractual relationship by closing his account.


GLOBEDREAMERS specifies that the use of hypertext links can lead the User to other websites or applications, independent of the Site. The hypertext links established towards other sites or applications from the Site cannot, in any case, engage the responsibility of GLOBEDREAMERS. Likewise, the insertion of hypertext links to all or part of the Site is authorized, on a non-exclusive basis and revocable at any time, without GLOBEDREAMERS having to provide any justification, and provided that this link cannot create against the Site a lie, false, derogatory character or which could harm it.

GLOBEDREAMERS cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect or accidental damage resulting from access to or use of information from third-party sites.


The Website is published by GLOBEDREAMERS, a simplified joint-stock company with its registered office at 46, rue Pierre Charron, 75008 Paris, France, registered under number 800 574 204 RCS Paris.

The editor is the GLOBEDREAMERS Company mentioned above.

The editor is Martin GASTON-DREYFUS, born July 17, 1991 in Paris, residing at 46, rue Pierre Charron, 75008 Paris, France.

The company hosting this site is AMAZON.


These general conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties and cancel and replace any previous agreement. If part of these general conditions is invalidated or not applicable, the rest will remain in force and applicable. Any failure to enforce these terms and conditions cannot be considered a waiver. All rights and obligations within the framework of these General Conditions are transferable by GLOBEDREAMERS in the context in particular of a merger, an acquisition, the sale of our assets.


These general conditions of use are governed by French law.

The Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris will have sole jurisdiction to hear any dispute between the parties concerning in particular the formation, execution, interpretation, termination or resolution of these T & Cs and this including for conservatory procedures, emergency procedures, in the event of summary proceedings, calls for guarantees, motions or multiple defendants.

GlobeDreamers Values ​​Charter
Moderation criteria

GlobeDreamers was designed to support travelers who adhere to a number of values, are motivated, and do not have the funding to realize their travel dreams.

GlobeDreamers supports authentic projects. GlobeDreamers supports transparent, spontaneous projects, driven by the desire to surpass themselves.

These values ​​are not only the values ​​we believe in and want to promote, but they are also, in our opinion, the best way to conduct an effective fundraising campaign.

If all project leaders play the game of authenticity, it is each project that will benefit from the platform's credibility with donors and sponsors.

The authenticity of a traveler is palpable, it is intimately linked to transparency and spontaneity. The goal is to allow donors and sponsors to project themselves into the life experience envisaged.

Surpassing oneself is also important because, to give meaning to a travel project, it is inevitable to think outside the box and overcome your apprehensions, fears, doubts. A trip that unites is a new adventure, a story to tell.

It is therefore in the light of these values ​​that we will accept or not to publish a travel plan on our platform.

In addition, the motivation and seriousness of the project leader are determining criteria. The GlobeDreamers team judges the motivation of the traveler by the quality of the published content and their relevance. The traveler must best explain his project, the objective pursued, the associated cause, and the means implemented to carry out his project. Finally, the amounts requested must be consistent with the desired project.

As an indication, it is compulsory to have at least 3 photos / images, a video, a text of 150 words, as well as 6 proposed counterparts (3 for donors and 3 for sponsors).