GlobeDreamers - the positive impact projects platform

Back in 2016, we’ve decided to start GlobeDreamers – the crowdfunding and communication platform for positive impact projects. Our mission is to create the opportunity to travel with a positive impact on the world. Day after day, we rely on these values, that help us succeed in our mission.


We see ourselves as a tool for promoting meaningful projects, whether they are environmental, humanitarian or solidary. If the idea that guides your project is rather artistic, athletic or adventurous, don't forget that in this case, 10% of the money collected will be donated to a charity of your choice, so that your project contributes to a humanitarian cause. No matter what, stay yourself, be authentic.


Positive impact projects are an opportunity to meet different people from all over the world. The common interest behind corporate sponsorship, partnerships with charities and the media is linked to marketing. All these people believe in a new, tangible, human and authentic marketing, which matches the values of the organizations with those of the project owner. Contributing financially means putting people back at the heart of corporate and institutional communication, and humanizing their brands.


GlobeDreamers project owners are never alone. We are always ready to put them in touch with a charity, that will bring extra credibility for their positive impact projects. We're reaching out to the media to promote and amplify the scope our projects' exposure, from the very beginning of the campaign. By setting up this ecosystem, we seek to create a virtuous circle around each project. At GlobeDreamers, we believe that collaboration is one of the keys to the success. It allows us to turn beautiful projects into successful projects.


GlobeDreamers is a positive impact business. In order to maximize the success of the funding campaigns of our positive impact projects, we seek to complement crowdfunding by seeking corporate sponsors.


GlobeDreamers accompanies travelers from the moment they submit their project to the platform until they return from their trip. Our team is at your disposal, studying each project in detail and providing tips, personalized follow-up and coaching by former travelers.